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MODEL NO. ISB 001 Product Benefits: Balanced and ergonomically design with contrasting webbing strap, combination buckle, adjustment buckle, loop, D-ring – Front and side support help you stay balanced while hanging, in case of [...]

Product Description


Product Benefits:

  1. Balanced and ergonomically design with contrasting webbing strap, combination buckle, adjustment buckle, loop, D-ring – Front and side support help you stay balanced while hanging, in case of fall the weight will be distributed across harness and body will be centred across harness
  2. D-Ring at back to support in case of fall arrest
  3. Polished and plated corrosion proof buckle: Strap attachment and improve strength.
  4. Intech Brand stickers for identification and quality assurance
  5. Polymer loop provided to prevent loose ends and furnishing harness
  6. Double/ Single Lanyard Available
  7. Screw Hook/ Scaffolding Hook options available


  1. Webbing material: Polyester/ Nylon
  2. Webbing width and thickness: 44 mm and 2.7 mm
  3. Color: Dual color combination orange and black.
  4. Mechanical load(tensile) resist part:
  • Rear position D:dia- 8 mm, breaking load -24 KN
  • Front position D: dia- 8 mm, breaking load-24 KN
  • Big buckle and Small buckle: Thickness- 4 mm, breaking load-22 KN
  •  Nylon webbing: Breaking load 24 KN
  • Comfort pad: 3 mm thickness foam with soft cloths.
  1. Capacity: 100 kg weight of person.
  2. Weight: 1.6 kg
  3. Temperature of working environment: -20ᵒ to 50 ᵒ C
  4. Length of lanyard: Maximum lanyard assembly permitted is 1.8 m or less.


The product is part of a personal fall arrest, restraint, and work positioning, self riding, climbing or rescue purpose.

The user must follow the manufacturer’s instruction for each component of the system. This instruction must be provided to customer. The user must read and understand this instruction before using the harness, Manufactures instruction must be followed for proper use and maintenance of this equipment.

Misuse of this product or failure to follow instructions may result in serious injury or death.

Note: If you have question on the use, maintenance of this equipment for your application, contact to INTECH.

Important: Before using this equipment record the product identification marking and leveling.


Our fall protection system designed to prevent a fall or safety arrest a fall,

Full body harness are used in the following application

  1. Fall arrest: Personal fall arrest system typically include a full body harness and connecting sub-system (shock-absorber) to the D ring attachment element on your back between your shoulders.
  2. Work positioning: Work positioning system typically include a full body harness, positioning lanyard and back-up personal fall arrest system. For work positioning application connect the work positioning subsystem to the lower belt mounted work positioning attachment anchorage elements (D- ring), never use these connection on point for fall arrest.
  3. Climbing: The full body harness is used as a component of a climbing system to prevent the user from falling when climbing a ladder or other climbing structure. Climbing subsystem typically include a full body harness, harness equipped with a frontal D –ring in chest position and fall arrest on fixed ladder climbing system.
  4. Rescue: Use as a component of a rescue system. Rescue system is configured depending on the type of rescue.

For limited access (confined space) application, harness equipped with D ring on the shoulder may be used for ingress or egress into confined spaces when worker profile is an issue.

  1. Controlled descent: for controlled application harness equipped with a single sterna level D- ring, one or two frontal mounted D –ring or a pair of connectors originating below the waist.
  2. Restraint: Used as a component of a restraint system to prevent the user from reaching a fall hazard. This system typically include a full body harness and lanyard or restraint line.


Always consider the following application limitations before using this equipment.

  1. Competent Person: On who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surrounding or working condition which are hazardous, dangerous to employees and who has authorized to take prompt corrective measure to using product.
  2. Inspection Frequency: Extreme working condition (prolonged use, tough environment) may require increasing the frequency of competent person inspection.


Safe fall clearance distance requires:

  1. Length of lanyard (specified on labeling)=1.8 m
  2. Declaration distance =1.2 m
  3. Height of suspended worker
  4. Safety factor=0.5 m (Factor in D – ring slide and Harness stretches)

Example: Assume a 1.8m tall user with a typical 1.8m lanyard with 1.8m free fall ,then fall clearance would as follows.

Fall clearance distance= (length of lanyard +declaration distance +height of suspended worker + safety factor)

= ( 1.8 + 1.2 + 1.8 + .5 ) m

= 5.3 m


Full body harness is not intended for use in extended suspension application. If the user is going to use any extra extended length of harness lanyard, its need to approval from technical advisory.


If your harness incorporates loops for a removable waist strap, the belt should be installed through the belt loops and side D- ring slots as shown in figure, individually adjust each shoulder strap by pulling or releasing the webbing strap, open the chest adjustment buckle and just slip on the shoulder straps one at a time as if you were putting on a jacket, not to twist the harness straps, then tighten the thigh straps by pulling or releasing buckle and strap end, after tighten adjustment loop set on position.

Note: Pass small buckle through big buckle and pull free end of webbing to tighten. Full body harness wearing time always tight fitment requires. All buckle and webbing strap will be tighten not to loose, proper fitment reduce your fall jerking.


If the full body harness has been subjected to fall arrest or impact load then it must be avoid from use.


Always check the following products before use. If the product pass as per inspection criteria, it may use.

Following the inspection criteria:

1.Stitching and webbing: Material must be free from frayed, free from cut edge, free from broken fiber or thread, free from any burn mark or heat shrinkage.

Note: broken strap or broken thread may be an indication that the harness has been impact loaded and must be avoid the harness to use.

  1. Harness metal parts: inspect harness metal part buckle, D- ring, connecting ring, hook etc. This entire item must not be damaged, broken and sharp edge, cracks, corrosion.

Note: always all technical parts shall be approved from technical supervisor, safety manager or authorized advisory .


The above information is given in Intech knowledge and faith. At  first wearers should assure himself the product performance is capable to handle your fall distance, impact load or swing fall hazard, where he Appling the product.

Intech is not responsible for any wrong, choose your right product then use.


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